An Unsent Letter

Kvndm Priyanka

After speaking to Kamal, Sachi came to her favourite spot at the garden in the college and started writing something

On seeing the blushing face of Sachi who is busily scribbling something , rishi snatched the letter Sachi is writing and started running 

Sachi running behind rishi asked loudly for the letter and exclaimed to stop making fun..

On seeing the frustration of Sachi, rishi intentionally teased and ran further 

Rishi stopped at the moment when the desperated Sachi screamed all of a sudden

As Sachi is one the coolest person he ever knew and her sudden temper gave him a surprise.. 

Sachi took over the letter and asked him not to make fun of serious things..

As the clock struck 5 , they left for the home !


Rishi and Sachi are childhood friends.. 
Precisely more than Friends.. 

Now they belong to same college, different batch
Kamal is sachi's batch mate 

Rishi always had a huge crush on Sachi , but never had enough courage to spill it out.. 



After clock struck 5, they left to home

Rishi knew that Sachi never hide a thing from him.. 
But he is Confused with this weird behavior..
He thought to ask later.. but thought this is not the right time.. and she would say if it is meant to be..!

He soon thought about the letter and her blushing face while writing that!
He felt tensed whether is it a kind of love letter , and if so for whom
And doubted whether if it's a love letter & would be for Kamal, with whom he spotted Sachi sometimes in college 

Without having any clue on how to know what it is , he kept on thinking how to express his love and made up his mind to say it soon 
Sleep welcomed him while he is busy in the thoughts..!
On the other side Sachi, felt guilty for screaming at him, yet the letter in her hand diverted her thoughts.. 
She started completing the incomplete letter and enclosed it in an envelope
after started Scribbling
' For____ and some more text on the face of the envelope,
Kept in a special hand made carry bag
And kept the cover in College bag

As the time is 12, she thought to say sorry to rishi the next day , but  texted sorry , Gn

no reply!

Next day!

Rishi woke up looking the sachi's message and left it without any reply.. 
He avoided Sachi as___



Rishi woke up looking the sachi's message and left it without any reply..

He avoided Sachi as he is busy in the perplexed thoughts of whether to propose or not and whether she is already loving someone.. or what would be the consequence if he proposes

Rishi had the guess that it would be a love letter and felt not to ask too much about it.. 

In the college..

Sachi on noticing ignorance of rishi met him and asked what's wrong and apologized for yelling 

Rishi said it doesn't matter , I ignored it at that moment.. but I'm just confused why you became furious at that time ( though he thought not to ask, as the other person being Sachi , he can't stop himself from hiding any chaos from her and his curiosity too played it's role now)

But Sachi slowly changed the topic saying she is hungry

They both went to the Canteen

While Sachi went to wash her hand, 
his eyes unexpectedly met the carry bag slightly visible out from her college bag.. 

Noticed Sachi, rushed to the table and asked not to take it out.. 
Rishi Confused with her behavior again and asked what's the matter

Sachi thought a moment about how and what to speak !
Just when Kamal interrupted their silence

Rishi observed that sachi's eyes are searching for some answers from Kamal



Sachi thought a moment about how and what to speak !
Just when Kamal interrupted their silence

Rishi observed that sachi's eyes are searching for some answers from Kamal

Rishi's doubt about Kamal is becoming huge but can't do anything
Except to be patient or to speak his heart out
Rishi making his mind to say her his feelings, whatever might be the situation.. 

Meanwhile, after some casual talk Kamal got up to leave..
Rishi came out of the thoughts when Kamal called him to bid a bye.. 

The moment rishi thought to speak
Sachi started to say that,
'I want to share with you something '

So, Rishi thought to confess his love after listening to what she is going to speak..

Sachi asked 
Promise me that you won't ask about whom it is and won't read the cover from my bag without my knowledge & acceptance

Rishi nodded yet feeling tensed inside about his chaos.. 

Sachi said that I love someone deeply , but don't have enough courage to say it 
That's why I kept all my feelings on the paper and thought to post it
But not sure about what to do!
And the letter you snatched yesterday is the love letter I wrote for my special one

Rishi is startled , though he had a wild guess about it but didn't expected that it's coming so soon..
And the words 'my special one' broken his heart

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