What not to ask a bisexual

Anna Anandita

Growing up as a bisexual woman in India with loads of restrictions and finally coming out of the closet, has had a set of stupid things asked to me. Here, I pen down few of them. Things you should never ever ask a bisexual. How do you know How do you know you are alive? How do not you know you are being straight up rude right now? This is just a phase Really!! Do you even know the difference between a phase and sexual orientation!! Chudidars are a phase. Polka dots are a phase!! This is NOT a phase!! More into men or women.. like what % What % of your brain do you use? You did it with both a man and a woman? How do you know you’re bi if you haven’t? How do you know you are straight if you haven't? Number of individual men and women have you slept with Do you understand privacy? You’re really into threesomes? Get a life people!! No one's sexual orientation, life choices and opinions are matter of your stupid fantasies. Phew!! I could make the list go on and on. But hey. You get the point. People do surprise me sometimes. Anyway. A happy pride month.

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