Know yourself

Apoorva Soni

Hey wizards people, i am really glad to share my thoughts, with you all, actually I am just trying to bring back that excitement,through my words and want to spread my feelings with the beautiful and exotic readers. And these blogs are all about our personality and our attitude towards life..guys I know people have talked over this and made different  perceptions . but friends have you ever tried to recognize yourself means  , what you are ??  and what you should be???  ………. if now u have given two minutes to acknowledge yourself ,Can you do this?………. Okk  just relax for a while and ask yourself that ,Are you satisfied with what you have or you want something totally different, but you don’t know how to achieve it  . ‘coz u don’t have the right way or say you are unable to identify the reasons behind it. “Passion” the name itself suggests that it has something that blooms everyones mind. It has something that cannot be described by words, it is beyond everything ………….and yaa everyone have it, but  the way of grabbing  it is different. Nowadays ,as the time is changing the perspectives are also changing .we all just want to get Successful in life. And in this horse race we are forgetting ourself ‘who we are?? But friends we need to understand that in this busy rush we are letting ourself to become a para of a whole novel …why???. Things which bounds us are nothing but made by us only .we always complains ,we need solutions but don’t wanna try once .we make the scenario difficult ,we messed up things ,we blame others .Guys ,u know what ,why this all happens ,‘coz we don’t have time ….  right …actually we don’t want to waste our time ..and we always come to the point that … ‘WE DON’T HAVE TIME ??? …I know  we have very busy schedule but cant we give some time to ourself that would only “ME TIME “ NOT “WE TIME”….so that we could find more about ourself ,could find our priorities. I know most of you are thinking that its easy to say but it's difficult to execute…so guys ..i know it may be difficult for some of you ..and may be useless . but  try it ones starting u may find some sort of difficulties but u  need to concentrate  on yourself only…just need to relax …..u got to  start finding different ways, ways that will help you to grab your passion …never ever let your passion down .and then u start loving your company….u would know  yourself better than before….u have something in your mind….your path would clear ,you would have many doors of opportunity…….and yaa last  but not the least thing…. ”ALWAYS PUT A LITTLE SMILE ON YOUR FACE ,IT WOULD BE HELPFUL FOR YOU AND OTHERS TOO” actually guys you know what in these few days I have learnt a lot of things which I would like to tell that are...... I was one kind of an undefined soul even could say a person who wasn't even sure about her future and even hadn't had any plans. And I don't know how that storm came and blew everything, I didn't even get some time to think over it, it was all of sudden . I know it is weird to say but I have never been so much close to something till now. But I feel so ecstatic because I am getting closer to something which I wanted for so long. It is not that I don't get affected by little things but I know that forgiveness is the best way of letting people away from you. Coz people will do whatever they think is right. So no need to indulge yourself in such shitty things. And yaa one of the most important thing that I learnt is do what suits on you and let people do whatever they want to..

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