Rakshita sanan

Did you ever feel like your heart starts hammering in your chest at the sight of someone? Of course you have. Most of us have experienced it in one way or another. Some, have had their hammering because of fear. Possibly they saw the guy who was supposed to beat them for some shit they did, it could be the day of those pesky little parent teacher conferences (PTM) which my dad has made up a different abbreviation , he likes to call it ' Papa tatti mai ' lol. Anyway, I happen to have experienced both types of hammering, one out of fear and the other out of love. Pure love that flows through all our veins when we spot the object of our affection. It doesn't have to be a person, it could be a lemon tart in the case of my brother. But yeah, for me it was person. I'd never seen someone so perfect and then he went ahead and opened his mouth and it all went downhill for me, the hammering stopped and I continued my way to the bookstore.

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