Lessons to learn from the journey of Ranveer Singh


Ranveer Singh has been making waves in Bollywood since the past decade, when he made his smashing debut with Band Baaja Baaraat.  Known for his eccentric, larger than life persona and excellent acting skills, he has the ability to make most movies a hit and be one of the most loved stars of all time. We could all learn a few things from his incredible journey to stardom, so here's a list of what makes him who he is .


1.Breaking  the stereotypes

Belonging to a non-filmy family background, he loves to showcase his acting skills under his preferred banners. Ranveer never promotes the movies using the PR-driven news strategy and even rarely walks into the award shows. He prefers his personal life in the leisure hours of his hectic life schedules. 

2. Embrace your madness

From his impromptu dance moves to dedication videos to his Bollywood idols , this boy does not shy away from his out there behaviour. He is totally comfortable in his skin. He completely embraces his crazy and despite being completely opposite of the norm of a Bollywood superstar, and is loved all the more for it .


3.Don’t let success go to your head

Despite all the success and fame, Ranveer singh comes across as someone who is humble, friendly and always happy! He doesn't have a bad attitude. This teaches us to always have humility no matter what we become in life. 

4.Take your work seriously and your life lightly

Ranveer is known for being super committed to his work and giving it his all, taking his job very seriously. At the same time , his sense of humour and fun approach to life shows how he can laugh at himself and not get too caught up in politics and just float along happily.


5.Keeping a fit body and mind 

Ranveer is dedicated to keep appropriate balance in the work-life schedules and to maintain body fitness. Fitter the body, sharper will be the brain to take workload smartly, he knows this very well. Everyone must learn to manage the time in doing regular exercises and stay fit for taking life challenges. 


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