Reasons to watch the new Netflix series – The Sandman

Nikhil Mohit

The Sandman is about the adventures of Morpheus, the King of Dreams. He is an Infinite with a lot of power and is in charge of giving people dreams and nightmares when they sleep. But when Morpheus is caught and locked up for more than a hundred years, his absence develops a lot of problems for the Dream World and the Phenomenon World that the Sandman will have to fix.

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Looks Like a Dream

The Sandman is beautiful to look at. The sets and visual effects are beautiful in every episode of the series. With something as big and risky as this, you might expect to make a mistake or two. Netflix really stepped up its game for this one and made sure that the magical and supernatural parts of the story were brought to life in a way that did the story justice, since the graphic novels have some of the best art in the business.

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An amazing cast

Sandman has a lot of different characters, so it was important to find better actors for the production. Before they found Tom Sturridge to play Morpheus, the show's producers tried out almost 200 actors. With his deep voice and subtle way of moving, the second actor skillfully steps into the role of the King of Dreams and charms the audience. Other great actors in the series include Charles Dance, Gwendolyn Christie, David Thewlis, Stephen Fry, and Jenna Coleman.


Atypical story telling

Gaiman's first two graphic novels are the basis for The Sandman. The first season of the show could be cut in half. Most shows have one big storyline that wraps up at the end of the season. The Sandman, on the other hand, has a lot of smaller stories that happen all at once.

It may come as a surprise and make it seem like the show is switching gears in the middle of the season and moving on to a story that has nothing to do with the rest, but don't be fooled: everything in this epic adventure is connected.

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A new universe in making

Sandman is developing a whole universe in this first season, launching many tracks and introducing many characters. It has the potential to be as grand as MCU.

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