Netflix series – The Sandman Ending Explained


Let's talk about how The Sandman, Season One ends.

The King of Dreams Is Ready to Take the Stage

Roderick Burgess, an occultist from the beginning of the 20th century, tries to call on Death to bring back his dead son. He finds out quickly that he can't control the magic, and he accidentally catches Morpheus, who is in charge of dreams. He locks him up in his mansion for more than 100 years, until Morpheus, also known as "Dream," is able to break out and go back to his kingdom.

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He is in charge of a place called "The Dreaming," which is where all people go when they sleep. During his time away, his palace was left in ruins, and many of his nightmares got out into the real world. After he gets his things back and sets up his domain again, he goes to stop a nightmare from causing trouble and threatening to destroy The Dreaming.

What Does the Perfect Nightmare Have in Store for It?

Dream says that he made The Corinthian to be a black mirror that shows the worst things about people. After the imperfect nightmare gets out, he starts killing people in the real world to make himself feel better. He also has two mouths instead of eyes with teeth in them. Scary! In the comics, he can see his victims' memories by eating their eyes, but the Netflix show doesn't explain how this works.

The Corinthian's adventures eventually catch the eye of other serial killers, who call themselves "collectors" to be sneaky. They get together at a motel for a "Cereal Convention," which is full of puns, to talk about how they killed people and admire their nightmare hero.

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After putting the Dreaming back in order, Dream finally comes to take back The Corinthian. He promises the nightmare that the next time he is made, he will be better. He also remakes Gault, a shapeshifter who lives in the dreams of a young boy named Jed Walker. Gault fills Jed's dreams with superhero adventures and references to the original Sandman comics by Jack Kirby from the 1970s, but Morpheus tells her to stop keeping Jed from experiencing real life. When Jed finds out that she was helping him get out of an abusive foster home, he changes Gault into an inspiring dream.

How to Understand the Dream Vortex

Even Morpheus doesn't really know why or how the Dream Vortex happens, which is kind of funny. Like a hurricane, these things only happen once every 100 years or so and threaten to make dreams and reality hard to tell apart until the universe ends.

Rose Walker, Jed's older sister, is this era's Dream Vortex. Because of the powers it gives her, Dream and The Corinthian are both after her. The Dream Vortex can only be stopped by killing its host. Unity Kincaid, Rose's great-grandmother, saves her when she offers to die instead of Rose. Unity was supposed to be the Dream Vortex, but she was locked in a 100-year sleep that started at the same time Dream was locked up.

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After having some steamy dreams with her late husband, Lyta gets pregnant in the real world because of Rose's connection to the Dream Vortex. Morpheus tells Lyta that he will come back one day to get her child, who was born in The Dreaming. Lyta is so angry that she says she will never let Morpheus take away her dream baby. Mr. Sandman, my dream, my choice!

Fights between family members in the Endless

Dream's six family members, who are called "The Endless," also represent universal ideas. Death takes care of her brother, but it seems like Dream, Desire, and Despair are working behind the scenes to make him hurt. At the end of Season One, it turns out that not only did they help capture him 100 years ago, but Desire was also Rose Walker's great-grandfather. They are determined to make him "spill family blood," which seems to be the biggest no-no in their eternal order of things. Why does Desire have a problem with Dream? We'll just have to wait and see.


When it comes to hell, my ears are on fire.
As if that wasn't enough to worry Morpheus about, he also has a grudge against Lucifer Morningstar, the ruler of Hell. Even though Gwendoline Christie is dressed to the nines, Dream humiliates her in a game of wits. (It was a word game that you could only play once, and Dream came up with the right answer.)

During Dream's trip to Hell, there was a short scene that showed that he used to date a prisoner named Nada over 10,000 years ago. She calls

him Dream Lord Kai'ckul, which is one of the many names people on Earth call him. She asks him, "Don't you still love me?" He says, "Yes, but I haven't forgiven you yet." Ouch! After ten thousand years?! The next season will have more on this crazy grudge.


At the end of the last episode, Lucifer is getting ready to watch "several demon battles for fun." I would have loved to see them, but Lord Azazel is going to stop the next party. He looks like a bad Pokémon from another world that has come to look at us. As a result, the demon told Lucifer that the armies of Hell want her to go to war with the King of Dreams. This made her angry. But Lucifer has something much more evil in mind.

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