There are 7 Secret Features In iOS 15 That Every iPhone Owner Need To Know About And Try Right Away



Apple has released yet another update for iPhones, and this one, iOS 15, is a real game-changer for the company. There are some hidden and secret settings that Apple did not talk about. These settings are separate from the major features that change the way you use the iPhone. We discovered some of these hidden features, and it's likely that you won't know about them. These are some of our favourite hidden features in iOS 15 that we think every iPhone owner should check out.

Drag and Drop 

The process of sharing images between apps on an iPhone was laborious and demanded additional actions from the user. If you were required to share multiple images at the same time, then that process would become even more cumbersome. You can now simply drag multiple files from one app into another app to make use of the new drag and drop functionality. You only need to press and hold on to one image before moving on to tapping on other images. After making your selections, you will have the option to export them to either the Photos app, iMessage, or WhatsApp.


On iOS 15, you can translate any text.

Apple has recently added the capability to translate any text across the entirety of the system, and all that is required to do so is to select the text you wish to translate and then click the option to translate it. After you have completed the translation of the text, you have the ability to copy your translated text and share it with other apps.


Precipitation Alert

You can now get real-time precipitation alerts in the weather app, so you'll know when it's about to start raining or snowing before it does. Go to the Settings menu in the Weather app, then select the Notifications tab. To view the list, click the List icon > Simply click the More button >. Tap Notifications, then tap Continue >, then tap Done. Select My Location to receive alerts regarding the possibility of precipitation at your current location.


Check Any Type of Text

With iOS 15, you can now scan any text using the camera app or within the operating system itself. This applies to all documents, images, billboards, and blackboards, as well as anything else that contains text. It is no longer necessary for you to manually type when referring to an image, document, or video because you can easily copy the scanned text and paste it into the notes or pages app instead.


Adjust Text Size in Apps

By adhering to these straightforward instructions, you will now be able to modify the size of the text displayed in apps. This feature was previously unavailable. Navigate to the Settings menu, then select Control Center, and add the Text Size option. The Text Size control panel can now be accessed by swiping down from the top right corner, then tapping the "aA" button. You can now use the slider within the app to adjust the size of the text, and your preferences will be applied on an app-by-app basis.


Locate your iPhone even when it's not powered on.


The Find My app developed by Apple is a powerful tool that can be used to track items, including AirPods, MacBooks, and other Apple products. On the other hand, if you misplaced your iPhone and the battery died while you were looking for it, it would be extremely difficult to locate the device. Now, however, the iPhone will actually enter a low-power state, but it will continue to keep your Bluetooth turned on. You are now able to track your misplaced phone in the same manner as if it were an AirTag thanks to this feature.

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