Life  An Asset Of Nature


What is life? The query is yet an enigma. There is no formal explanation of life. Everyone interprets it in their own individual way. To the analysts, it is the sense, present inside the nerves along the frame under the command of the brain, to the philosopher it is unique. No two explanations of life are likewise. Life is an inherent property of breathing being. An infant after viewing the first light of earth starts his campaign of life. At the first minute, the baby does not realize the significance of living, but steadily he or she becomes serious about the purposes of survival. Existence is the most expensive in the universe. The presence of every living body is antique, whether infinitesimal or macroscopic. Without life, nature is not an admirable piece on earth. Life integrates the wholesome delicacy of the environment. It is the sense of living that enhances the aesthetic beauty of nature and the universe; It is the same life that condemns the onslaught of nature. It is the life again that shudders at the havocs of natural calamities. Despite recognizing the uses of life, many individuals commit suicide to end their lives. Just for a straightforward cause, they declare to end life. Thus, perceiving the absolute concern of surviving, they stay unconscious of its values. Life is a blend of misery and delight, and it will lead to eternity. There is no need to finish existence. Thus, taking the life of any living body is the most punishable offence. We have no rights to take a life because we cannot create life.

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