The story of Wittyfeed

Ankita Pardeshi

Wittyfeed was started in 2014 by entrepreneurs Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal, and Shashank Vaishnav, all of whom were based in Indore. The company has now rebranded itself as Nukkad by Stage. In it's peak WittyFeed was one of India's biggest content platforms.  The website provided articles on a variety of topics, including entertainment, politics, technology, culture, sports, lifestyle, and even health. Today, I'd like to take a look at the story of success enjoyed by Wittyfeed, including the company's rise, fall, and subsequent transformation.

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1. How was Wikifeed started?

The Singhal siblings Vinay and Parveen, along with their college friend Shashank Vaishnav, are the people behind the viral content website that was formerly known as Wittyfeed. They launched a Facebook page titled "Amazing Trend in the World," which eventually became extremely popular and quickly amassed a following of 4 million users in a short amount of time. Upon realising the potential that content and social media had, they created a website- to not only monetize the available audience but SOLVE A PROBLEM for the social media distributors.



2. How did Wittyfeed work?

As soon as they started working in the industry, they became aware that this was not an isolated issue. A significant number of distribution platforms did not have entry to high-quality content. In addition, a significant number of editors and curators lacked access to the appropriate kind of seeding platform. It was essential to combine the two into a single, self-sufficient ecosystem that was also sustainable. Because of this, the primary objective of was to provide solutions to problems faced by two distinct groups of people: first, social media influencers, by assisting them in the distribution of their content across Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media group; and secondly, writers and bloggers, by making it simple for them to sign up and exposing their work to more than 120 million people all over the world.


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3. Expanding

Over the course of its existence of more than four years, WittyFeed had become an expert in the process of making content go viral. The publisher collaborated with 65,000 influencers  from around the world. The publisher's content went viral across the world thanks to a network of influencers who shared it on Facebook and helped spread the word. The digital publisher was already making great strides in India and was miles ahead of the likes of ScoopWhoop and FilterCopy and was even giving established Indian media outlets a run for their money. In other words, the digital publisher was giving established Indian media outlets a run for their money.



4. Why Wittyfeed shut down?

Even though everything was going according to plan, WittyFeed was about to be hit with the most significant challenge it had encountered in its four-year journey.

The publishing company discovered in December of the previous year that the social media behemoth had removed its Facebook page, which boasted 4.2 million followers at the time. The number of unique visitors to WittyFeed's website immediately plummeted, falling from a peak of 40 million per month to just one million per month, and the company's revenue dropped by almost half.


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5. The start of something new

By February 2019, the group had exhausted all of their financial resources and was on the verge of disbanding “But we somehow believed that this cannot be the climax of our story… We had to rebuild and rethink what we do from here,” he adds. 

Later on in that same year, Vinay, Shashank, and Praveen had the idea to create an over-the-top (OTT) platform for Indians that would focus on artists and regional dialects. They called it STAGE. The hyperlocal video entertainment platform currently has more than one lakh paying customers and has racked up over two million downloads since it was launched.

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