Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Novel

Kamakshi N

When Writing a Novel, you may end up searching 'Mistakes to avoid when writing a novel', and it Is Important to Avoid Making Mistakes!

The process of teaching oneself how to write a novel is a winding one, with many highs and lows along the way.

It is certain that you may make some blunders as a rookie writer learning the ropes, and that is good. However, here is a list of frequent mistakes that will help you avoid doing them in the future.



1. A feeble opening statement

The first impression is the most important. Most of the time, authors will begin their works by providing a detailed description of the environment, or by describing an everyday occurrence such as waking up from a dream or having a conversation with themselves in the mirror. In addition to the fact that these are overused expressions, we also don't get any new information about the plot or the character. Because of this, it is essential to capture the attention of your audience right immediately, and the first line in particular should do this.


2. A Weak Plot

When writing their stories, authors frequently make the erroneous assumption that the narrative is simply a string of occurrences. The beginning, the middle, and the conclusion make up a plot. Consider the following components of a storyline that you may have learned about in your high school creative writing classes or elsewhere: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. When you are writing a novel, you should remember to maintain the primary narrative arc in mind at all times.



3. Characters that are unrealistic or lack depth

It's important for characters to be believable and approachable. Because the reader will be following your characters on this journey through the story, you should spend some time developing them so that they are realistic. Ask yourself who they truly are, and give them a deep inner life, in order to give them more depth and make them appear more three-dimensional.


4. Informing rather than demonstrating

The ability to successfully draw readers into your world is an important aspect of the art of writing. Allow your readers to experience what's going on in the story as if they were actually there, rather than simply describing what's happening to them. Activate all of their senses, including sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.


5.Canceling your first attempt at writing a novel.

Dedication is required for the writing process. When faced with writer's block, it is simple for an aspiring novelist to throw in the towel and quit up. Establishing manageable goals along the journey of writing a novel is essential. The first chapter should be written, followed by the initial draught. A completed novel will be in your possession before you realise it.

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