Vikram Vedha Movie Review


Vikram Betaal's tale truly stands the test of time. A popular tale told to children is of a monarch named Vikram who is imprisoned by a ghoul named Betaal, who demands that Vikram tell stories in exchange for his freedom. Because the concept of storytelling is so pervasive, the tale sparks interest in every crevice of our minds. All sentences that begin with "Once upon a time, far, long ago." automatically grab our attention. That's exactly what directors Pushkar and Gayatri’s film Vikram Vedha is!

Based on the Tamil blockbuster of the same name, "Vikram Vedha" is a neo-noir action thriller with its origins in the well-known Indian folktale Betaal Pachhisi. The notorious mobster Vedha Betaal must be tracked down and eliminated, and it's up to Vikram, a star officer in the Lucknow Police Special Task Force, to do just that. Vedha, however, turns himself in to the authorities. While being interrogated, he begins telling Vikram stories that gradually alter Vikram's own understanding of right and wrong.

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Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan's chemistry is so great because they are so confident in their acting abilities. Nothing can or should be over or understated. In his role as Vedha, Hrithik reminds us of his endearing qualities. His eyes, facial gestures, and body language do a lot of the talking in most of the pivotal sequences. He seems to take on the role of a mere conduit for the script.


Saif Ali Khan's performance as Vikram is a perfect match for him. In his introduction scene, it's not only the tailored polo shirts that stick out; it's the confidence with which he delivers each and every phrase. In Vikram Vedha, Saif goes for the kill and gives it his all during the climactic moments. The sequences in which Hrithik and Saif argue or have intense conversations are somehow fascinating and captivating.

When Vikram and Vedha square off on TV, it's impossible to look away. Every scene is given energy by Sam C S's soundtrack. In fact, you should definitely add it to your workout playlist.

If anything, Vikram Vedha proves how powerful it is to pair two established actors. A MUST WATCH!

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