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Rutuja Kulkarni

Dany's army will capture Jaime. Tyrion ask her to show mercy, Dany refuses. (likely when Tyrion tries to resign as Hand or this happens after the battle) Tyrion frees Jaime and try to get Cersei out of the city. Dany has Vary's executed (burned alive) and Dany assaults Kings landing in a one sided fight. Cersei makes a meat shield of all the innocent people to stop them from coming in. There should be a scene where a horse is ripped in half by a dragon. As Cersei is watching the dragon come in Qyburn suggests they leave. Cersei flashbacks to where she blew up something in the city (presumably the Sept of Baelor) when the dragon is blowing things up. The ramparts where Cersei and Missandei stood are burned open and green pyrotechnics used so likely Wildfire.

Lannister soldiers begin to surrender but the surrender bells "break" Dany. (bells might just be the climax of a building moment of anger/tension for Dany.) Grey worm lets his anger get the best of him, throws a spear at a surrendered soldier and starts a riot. Jon tries to stop Dany and Grey Worm (staredown with Grey Worm) but Lannisters start attacking again and Jon is forced to resume fighting. Drogon burns Kings landing and Euron's fleet (Cleganebowl, Mountain gets helmet knocked off and Hound tackles him off a ledge. Both land in fire and burn to death.) Jaime fights Euron and kills him but is mortally wounded in exchange. Cersei goes into the chambers where you first see the "catapult things". Jame makes it to Cersei to take her out of the city. Cersei has a speech about wanting the baby to survive, Jaime says the baby doesn't matter, just them.and they die together as the building collapses. Drogon enters the throne room and "fucks shit up" and melts Iron Throne

Jon snow finally sees Arya after they reach the Irone Throne in King's Landing. She was "useless" in the fight according to leaks. (meaning I don't think she killed/fought any high profile people)Dany starts executing everyone in Kings landing (Tyrion and Jon are upset) Dany has Tyrion arrested for freeing his brother. (his trial is supposed to have neither Dany or Jon present) Tyrion tries to convince Jon to turn on Dany. His family will never be safe because it threatens Dany's legitimacy. Jon is horrified by what Dany has done to King's Landing, and she gives speeches about how she'll keep doing it to free slaves from their chains. He's also convinced by Tyrion that his family will never be safe because he presents a threat to her rule. Jon tries to talk to Dany but she ignores him thinking she is justified. Jon pledges himself to Dany, then stabs her, and surrenders himself. Very traumatic for Jon because he does love her.

>!Here is a major divide with the leaks. Is it a trial (Friki) or a King's Council (throwaway5873421)! Friki doesn't witness Tyrion's death but is very confident about it.

  • Ending 1: King's Council: A council gets formed to decide who the King should be. Tyrion gives a speech and everyone votes on Bran to become King. The end. In the Epilogue, Jon takes the black again for killing Dany. Arya leaves. Sansa rules the North. When they're deciding who to elect as king, Sam suggests holding a democratic election and the other nobles laugh at him. That's before they vote on Bran. Bran oversees his council of Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn. The Unsullied leave to cross the sea and start liberating slave cities on their own, because that's Dany's plan before Jon kills her -- she has this big speech scene, after sacking King's Landing, where she's talking about wrecking the world, liberating all of the slaves from their masters.

  • Ending 2: Tyrion's Trial: Tyrion's trial in the dragonpit is a major scene and has no Jon, Dany, or dragons. Sir Davos is present not wearing the Hand of the King pin along with all 3 stark children. Samwell Tarly, Brienne, Robyn Aryn, Grey Worm, an unknown man wearing golden clothes (likely Dornish), and another unidentified man (n older short bearded one dressed in green) will be there as well. Bran will flash back to season 1 where Tyrion Lannister told Catelyn Stark, "I never bet against my family". Tyrion is filled with anger and resentment against the people of Kings Landing because he saved them against Stannis and they still turned on him. Thinks people of King's Landing deserved it. He saved them and were ungrateful (trial of Joffrey's murder) Will fall to his knees in the middle of the speech dragged down by the weight of his actions. His death was filmed in studio so not sure how he dies.

On the endings, we'll have to see how the sources hold up after Episode 5. I don't particularly like the endings but the point of this post is to find the best information on sources, not the ones we like the best.

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