Must Try Naughty Games For Couples

Pooja Yadav

If you've been in a relationship for a while, you are aware of how difficult it can be to maintain the thrill of sex every single night.

So, here are a few couple's sex games that can point you in the right way. When you use them, you'll quickly notice how horny your partner becomes!


1] Let's go to WAR

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Do you enjoy rough sex? Play this game, and you'll become one! 

Simple is the aim here. You're both in beds. A few scarves or ropes are scattered on the bed. 

To tie the female's hands to the headboard or tie them together, as well as her legs to the foot of the bed, the guy must struggle the girl. 

The girl must push or kick him away in order to fend him off. 

The objective of the guy is to get close to the female, while the objective of the girl is to stop the guy.

This game might begin amusingly, but it won't take long for the animal aspects in you to show, and things will quickly turn horny.


2 Blindfold Fun

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A blindfold and a tub of ice cream are required for this game. Give your lover a spoon while sitting at the foot of the bed and blindfolding them. They need to feed you with a spoonful of ice cream while they're still wearing the blindfold.


Your partner must lick the ice cream off of you if any gets on your body. The spoon will end up in a lot of different places in no time even if the game starts out basic!


3] Of Dares and Truth

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This game can be played by the two of you. 

Simply challenge one another to do something daring or to tell the truth. 

Use a bottle and spin it on the ground; anyone the bottle points at must accept the challenge.

But to be completely honest, playing this game with another couple makes it much sexier and hornier. 

If you are friends with another couple, invite them over for the evening or try this while travelling. 

But we can tell you that after just one game, you'll be feeling horny for weeks!

4] Roleplay Foreplay

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No matter which characters any of you choose, role-playing is always enjoyable. The girl may pose as a patient visiting the doctor's office, and the guy could pretend to be the doctor. In order to seem to be inspecting your lover, ask them to lie down on the bed "completely clothed." Look for justifications to touch the patient, then undress them while offering various justifications.

Blindfolds could also be used to heighten the sense of reality. If you want the experience to be enjoyable, use characters who suit you and excite one another.


 5] P*rn ok please


This is easy to understand and uncomplicated. Get into bed with each other instead of increasing tension by concentrating on sex. Play a pornographic film as everyone watches it. While you're both watching it, you can touch each other.


However, if you want to go one step further, see a movie that is based on a sexual desire you have. As you watch the movie together, you may both play out the characters and follow their every move.


6] Dirty Deeds

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You'll need some dice, some paper, and some naughty little deeds that correlate to the numbers 2 through 12.


Now, you throw the dice, and he acts. He is the next to go.


Nothing is more entertaining than wondering what you "have to" do next and who will get to do what. The best part is that you can make this game appear to be really laid-back and list things like foot massages or back rubs, or you can make it as twisted and bizarre as you want.


7] Turn Me On

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Turn off the lights and grab a little flashlight. Then, illuminate the areas of the body that you want him to focus on with the flashlight. After that, let him to direct you.

This game is also fantastic if you want to find original ways to express to him (show him) where you prefer to be touched without having to explicitly say it.

Do you hesitate to recommend this type of gaming but still want to give some of these a shot? I recommend leaving this page open on your computer so he can discover it accidentally. It will undoubtedly make him crave to play a few games in bed!


8] Let's Twist

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Twister was enjoyable to play as a child, but it now makes for a dirty evening pastime. The game must be played in accordance with its fundamental guidelines, but without clothing. Instead of touching the circles with your hands and feet for a sensual twist, use other naughty body parts.


9] Drink From Me

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You can play this incredibly sexual drinking game with your spouse to heat things up. A dice, paper, pen, and booze are all you need. On a sheet of paper, list the names of six erogenous zones (breast, navel, etc.) and assign a number to each. Roll the dice now to determine your number. The location of the shot on the body is determined by the roll of the dice. You can add other restrictions, such as an only way to drink is lick, suck, etc.



10] Fantasy paper

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On a set number of sheets of paper (say, five or ten), each of you must write a brief sexual act or fantasy that you would like to carry out. After that, store them in an old hat (or simply a bowl) and utilise them for however long it takes (days, weeks...). Whenever you have time to play, choose a piece of paper at random and follow its instructions.


This game is a fantastic method to let each other know about your craziest fantasies without actually saying anything about them. Just be sure you're on the same page and don't overdo anything that might make him uneasy.

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