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POWER OF WRITING Writing in itself has many meanings For example: As per Google, "Writing is a medium of human communication that represents language and emotion with signs and symbols." For some writing is a habit of talking with yourself, For some, it is for planning, strategy etc and for some it is just writing, But the best use of writing can be for 'expressing yourself ' It is said that 'the person who can't speak well can write well.' How it can help people: We all have that one point in our life, where we feel alone, isolated from others, we feel we are different from others, our thinking is different. We have our own unique perspective thought and ideas for this world. (Especially in teenage) But sometimes this state of mind makes us feel sad, anxious, angry which can affect upcoming years in one's life. THINK ABOUT A SITUATION AND STATE OF YOUR MIND, WHERE YOU WILL BE ALONE, BROKEN, FAILED, A LOT OF THINGS TO FOCUS ON AND PROBLEM STRIKING YOUR WAY. One way to conquer this is to do the following things: Sit with a pen and a paper and think about your current situation( THIS MAY BE HURTING BUT RESULT WILL BE GOOD) Write your current situation (Feelings, problems facing and to overcome, mistakes, aim etc) Now take one of the topics and think how can you overcome them. Prepare a timetable/plan according to it. Start following it. Writing your problems and worries will always help you to realize the real thing to focus on and your useless part of your overthinking and also helps you to feel stress-free and motivated. How will it help you: The best part of the writing is yet to come - No person is an idiot, dumb, useless. The main problem with them is that they 'don't know themselves' sometimes they copy.sometimes they change. But you remain smart, satisfied and attractive it is YOU WHO has achieved it. Writing can still help you in this matter, but the thing is you should read a lot on personality, where writer define yourself 'Writing to me is simply thinking through fingers.' By keeping a diary/journal, you will get to know yourself and never feel alone, you will come across your power, fear, mistakes, things to improve on. Writing will always be like your best friend, mentor teacher etc. So make the best use of it.

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