Life on earth

Krishnapriya KS

Today I was filling an application for an online job and I was hit by a question to describe myself in just ten words. I was not startled by the question but the briefness surely did. But then I answered it and I described myself as ' I am one happy woman of strength and confidence '. When I went through the answer again and again, I was just proud of the woman that I've evolved into because not so many people can describe themselves the way I did. Not so many people can confidently say that they are happy. I've been through tough situations of life and I've kept every piece of myself together. The strong woman that I'm, can confidently say that I'm going to chase my dreams and I'm never going to settle for less. I am a woman in her early 20's and I've been through relationship struggles and every shit that a young girl would hit into. Those struggles and mistakes did not make me weak but they made me strong. The best part of those mistakes was that it made me realise that, I don't have to be the best for others but I surely owe it to myself to be the best version of myself. I don't have a hundred friends but I have a few with whom I can share every shit that I'm going through. I have a happy family and I just wanted to say that I'm loving this life here on earth. ~Kp.

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