Love never fades

Selwa Nishad

As we lay looking at the stars, Holding your hand in mine Even though it couldn't see it I felt the crisscross wrinkles... Even though you said, "I feel like an old lady" To me you were still young With an air of freshness and beauty... All the time you said, "I feel terrible and weak" I couldn't just understand after all these years how can you be still strong... All the time you fell asleep I gazed at your face I saw you smile dreamingly "Dear, we're you dreaming of me? "... You said you wanted to see the stars So I took you here happily You gazed at the stars and looked at me You smiled and and kissed me on forehead... You held my hand tightly And lifted it up to kiss it lightly You hugged me dearly And said " I love you, darling "... And we stood there listening To the waves whispering Our love story to the world Giving us their blessings.... But dear, Little did I know when the dawn creeps in You won't be there with me To watch the sunrise drinking coffee together... But dear, You promised me you'll be there for me Now without you what would I do How could I even wake up knowing you are gone.... Dear, I want you to know that You are the best thing that happened to me I'll be coming to you soon Till then I'll live with your memories.... Dear, I don't want to feel sad I want to feel proud I'll be happy knowing You are there with me everytime I need you...

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