Different Types Of Vagina

Sonali Desh

1. The dry as desert vagina



Even during sex, these kinds of vaginas are always dry. 

They are impossible to enter without lubrication. 

They can save your life. 

It is thought that tension and stress are to blame for dry vaginas.
2. Smellgina 
Each vagina among the 9 varieties has a distinctive odour. But when their natural pH level is disturbed, these vaginas kind of smell strongly. Therefore, you should get a checkup. It's better to be safe than sorry, after all.

3. tight vagina


Virgin vaginas are also known as extremely tight vaginas. They are tight because they never engage in the process of making them flexible and loose. But a little sexual activity makes things better. You understand what I mean.


4. The relaxed one


These kinds of vaginas are quite different from tight vaginas. Because they are accustomed to sexual activity, they are wide and at ease. As something enters into it, it doesn't hurt too much.


5. The pouty one



Today, pouts are a common sight to all of us. Few vaginas are selfie enthusiasts to the point of pouting. It is also delightful for your partner because it seems quite kissable.


6. The flexible flower


Yes! Few girls actually have vajajays that are so flexible, and they put on amazing ticks with their lady bids. And they enthral men to no end.

7. The zen maestro


These vajayjays are really obedient to their masters, I guess. They comply with their girl's requests. Consequently, those girls are unaware of the typical V issues. Lucky, huh?


8. A little fuzzy


Only small percentage of girls favour busy Vs because they like how they were made. 

And don't want to conform to other people's expectations. 

They maintain them bushy as result.


9. The super-small one


These vagina are complete pain in the behind. 

You have to endure excruciating pain just to get it tiny bit slack and relaxed because they are too small for anything.


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