Exciting Sex Positions That Can Give You Pain Instead of Pleasure

Harpeet Singh

Sex is fantastic. Most of us find sex to be appealing. While sex is generally enjoyable, we'll discuss some of its drawbacks today. Over the years, science has taught us many things, like that gin drinkers are psychopaths, jogging is contagious, and kind people have more sex.

The risks of engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviour are another item that science asserts. There are numerous instances of sexual encounters gone horribly wrong. So terrible that it hurts merely to think about it. Ouch!


Here are certain sexual positions that, if performed incorrectly, can be quite harmful.

1. The Lap Dance

The Position: The woman sits on the man while he is supported by the chair.

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Why It's Dangerous: There's a possibility that the woman will fall off the male and fracture her skull. This is a real possibility. Therefore, you'd better be prepared with some serious pole dancing skills.


2. Reverse Cowgirl

The Position: 

In this sex position, the female is on top and is looking away from the other person. 

woman on top is facing her boyfriend in Regular Cowgirl.

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Why It's Dangerouswoman on top may be the riskiest sexual position for producing penile fractures, and the reverse cowgirl position in particular was found to cause the majority of penile "cracks," according to study published in Advances in Urology.


3. The Swiss Ball Blitz

The Position: On the ball, the penetrating partner is seated with their feet flat on the ground. Backing up, the receiving partner sits in the lap of the giving partner while turning away from the seated spouse.

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Why It's Dangerous: While this position may give your thrusts a little more bounce, there is a danger that the penis will break as it fully exits the vagina and then re-enters. Due to the extraordinary amount of up and down inertia produced by the Swiss ball, too much oomph could allow your penis to escape your girl just before gravity and momentum induce her complete weight to fall back down on the guy.


4. The Pogo Stick

The Position: The man holds up the female’s weight entirely, bending her backwards to facilitate the old in-and-out and bouncing her up and down on the penis.

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Why It's Dangerous: The guy can strain or have back ache from this action. 

Additionally, if one's footing is shaky, they run the risk of falling over, which could result in the woman being dropped.

5. The Butter Churner

The Position: 

The woman is lying on her back in this advanced sex position, with her legs stretched above and behind her. Then the man kneels down and pierces her from above. This posture gets its name from the thrusting motion, which is reminiscent of churning butter in vintage butter churner. Because the woman's head is lower than her heart in this position, blood frequently rushes to her head, which might cause an orgasm to be more intense.

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Why It's Dangerous: Men should use caution in this posture since forceful thrusting could result in neck injury. Additionally, this position calls for some spinal flexibility.


Have you tried any of these? Tell us about the times when sex went badly.


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