Life lessons to learn from Locke and Key


Netflix’s long awaited adaptation of Joe Hill’s comic books, Locke & Key is a magical, coming-of-age horror that’s an absolute joy to watch. It revolves around the Locke family and their supernatural home - Keyhouse, which has numerous hidden mystical keys that grant incredible abilities, but only to those clever and diligent enough to find them!


The show lets you pick up some important life lessons along the way. Don't believe us? Here are the lessons we are talking about.


  1. Hardships often lead to self - growth :

 The Locke family has suffered hardships and misery. But those hardships are just what led to some major transitions in their lives. Moving through doorways of troubles, they discovered secret passages that led to their growth and self-realisations. This teaches us a lesson that hardships and troubles often make you strong and help you discover your true self.


  1. Learn to face your fears : 

The show is about discovering death, leaving childhood behind, and shaping your own self. It’s about facing your fears. And a story about opening scary doors, and taking responsibility for the consequences. A lesson to learn here is - sometimes it’s good to stand up to your fears, face to face and confront what scares you and keeps you from facing the reality. 


  1. Stop being too hard on yourself : 

Ty, who is arguably the main character, struggles not just with who he is, but also with his father’s legacy. Rendall’s death haunts him with flashbacks and nightmares, and with others often comparing him with Ty. Regrets and guilt consume his thoughts and he has difficulty in putting the past behind him. It only leads to problems in his life and confusion in realising his purpose. It teaches us an important lesson that It’s good to contemplate and introspect but being too hard on oneself and carrying the weight of past regrets only creates self doubt and misery and hinders one’s growth. 

  1. Always be careful of who you trust: 

Sometimes in life, the biggest betrayal can come from the people we hold so dear, which is a sad and a very relatable realization. The way the main antagonist of the show, Dodge, worms his way into the family’s trust, pretending to be a friend, without letting them know that he has a much older history with the family and Keyhouse itself teaches us this important lesson - never to trust anyone blindly.


  1. Learn to bounce back from tragedies : 

Life can be full of ups and downs and tragedies are inevitable. In the show, Bode faces more reality than perhaps someone that young should have to. But what we learn from this youngest, most energetic, adventurous and inquisitive character is his ability to bounce back from tragedy way faster than the grown-ups. Despite all the horrors and adversities, he still enjoys the pleasures of play. Troubles and misfortunes are a part of life, it’s how fast you recover and bounce back from them is what really matters. 

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