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In the world of cinema, Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a well-known and respected actress. She is one of the most talented and bankable actresses working in the industry today. Because of her commanding presence in movies and her impressive acting skills, she is able to bring people to the theatre. She started off as a model and worked her way up to success by sheer determination and natural ability. Let's go into some little-known information about this stunningly skilled Chennai ponnu, shall we?

1. Actress who began her career outside of the film industry

Samantha hails from a background that is not related to film, and she did not have many acquaintances until she entered the film industry. Samantha just turned to modelling to support herself because she had no interest in pursuing a career in the film industry. Ravi Varman, who was working as a cinematographer at the time, saw the stunning actress and decided to cast her in the lead role of his directorial debut film, Moscow Kaveri. However, due to a delay in production, Samantha did not make her cinematic debut until the love drama titled "Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya."

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2. An award called a Filmfare

Samantha rose to prominence after appearing in a number of promising films, and she has since transitioned to consistently appearing in films in both Telugu and Tamil. Samantha was honoured with the Filmfare Award for Best Actress in 2012 for her performances in the films Neethane En Ponvasantham and Eega. The awards were presented in both Tamil and Telugu. She was just the second actress, after Revathi, to win the Filmfare Award for Best Actress in both Tamil and Telugu in the same year. Revathi was the first actress to accomplish this feat.

3. the name of the family

On social media, Samantha is most commonly referred to by her followers and friends as Sam. However, the stunning actress is also known by her clandestine family name, which is Yashodha. Her immediate family and other close relatives call her by this name. However, during her interviews, the actress has not elaborated much on this topic at all.

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4. top of the class

Samantha's charm and talent as an actress have been very successful in bringing in new followers. During her time in high school and college, the remarkable actress was also an excellent student, and she finished first in her class both times. Because of this, the actress is most successful portraying roles such as college students, doctors, and other professions.

5. Diabetic

When people find out that Samantha has diabetes, it could come as a surprise to them. Samantha is a huge foodie, and her favourite type of food to consume is sushi and other dishes from Japan. In 2013, Samantha was diagnosed with diabetes, despite the fact that she adores chocolate more than anything else. However, the courageous actress has successfully beaten the sickness, and she now abstains from consuming chocolate and sweets.

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