Unknown Facts About Parineeti Chopra

Ankita Pardeshi

Over the course of the last ten years, Parineeti Chopra has captivated audiences across the country with her vivacious smile, bubbly personality, and impressive on-screen performances. She debut in the film "Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl," for which she received a great deal of praise from the media. The following are some little-known facts about the stunning actress who also has a captivating personality.

1. The goal of working in investment banking

 Parineeti Chopra achieved first place in all of India in the board exams for the 12th grade, an accomplishment for which she was honoured by the President of India at the time. The actress, who graduated from Manchester school of business with three Bachelor of Honours degrees in business, finance, and economics, had aspirations of working in investment banking. But, alas, the hands of fate had other things in store for her! 

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2. Back to India during the recession

Because of the economic downturn, Parineeti was laid off from her job, and her hopes of becoming a successful investment banker were dashed as a result. She was compelled to return to India in 2009, and it was during this time that she secure a position working as a marketing and PR consultant for a well-known Bollywood production house.

3. A trained classical singer

The audience was taken aback when Parineeti sang the heartfelt number "Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi" in the film Meri Pyaari Bindu; however, few people were aware that the actress is a trained Hindustani classical singer who holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in music. Ever since she was a young child, she has had a passion for singing. When she was a young child, she was the star performer at family functions, and she was often accompanied by her Priyanka didi (Priyanka Chopra) as well as their fathers.

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4. Love for pizza

The One and Only for Parineeti Chopra As is the case for the vast majority of us, Parineeti fell head over heels in love with pizza the very first time she tried it. "I gave up pizza! My first love was for this. I am able to give up anything, but I just can't do it with pizza. However, I did not have a choice in the matter "When the actress disclosed that, in order to stay on track with her rigorous regimen of diet and exercise, she had to give up one of her all-time favourite foods.

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5. A crush on a celebrity

Parineeti Chopra's Obsession with a Famous Person In numerous interviews, Parineeti has admitted to a number of times that she harbours romantic feelings for Saif Ali Khan. The actress had revealed that she was so obsessed with him that she used to collect chip packets that featured Saif's photo on them, stack them neatly, and lock them away in her steel cupboard. She did this for years.

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