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When the first season of the fantasy horror show "Locke & Key" came out on Netflix in February 2020, it made a big splash. The show, which is based on a comic book series by the same name by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, has gained a lot of loyal fans since it came out on the streaming service. People fell in love with the Locke family and everyone else in the small town of Matheson, where they live.

How did Locke and Key season 3 end?

At the start of the season finale, Tyler, Kinsey, and Ellie are trapped inside the dying man Gordie Shaw's mind, which is falling apart. They are trying very hard to find the Creation Key before Gideon, who wants to use the power of all the artefacts to break down the barrier between our world and the demons beyond. They find it under a piano key, and they barely get away before Gordie dies from his injuries. Sam Lesser's soul dies with him when Gideon puts him under the same grand instrument and stops him from going back to the real world.

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Tyler and Kinsey race back to Keyhouse with the Creation Key, which can make drawings come to life, so of course they give themselves a cool motorcycle to ride home on. After getting ahead of their 18th-century enemy Gideon, whose driving skills aren't very good, they come up with a plan with their mother Nina and brother Bode to end their nightmare. When Gideon finally gets to Keyhouse late at night, Tyler smiles at him at the Well House, and the bad guy knows right away that something is up.


But even he is surprised when Bode comes out from behind him driving a digger with an industrial claw. This almost pushes Gideon over the threshold, which would kill him. Things don't go as planned, though, because the soldier who is possessed is able to use his demonic power to fight against the machinery and destroy the Well House. Uh oh. The Lockes try to come up with a plan B, and Kinsey has a "aha!" moment when she realises that the Creation Key can be used to open the magical chest that holds the Alpha Key. I don't know why they didn't figure this out sooner.

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Just as Gideon dashed through the front door, she grabs the MacGuffin. He grabs her as she tries to attack and almost throws her into the abyss that leads to his own nightmare realm, but Kinsey is able to slow him down by driving the Alpha Key into his chest. The family jumps into action. Tyler pulls his sister out of danger, and Nina gives Gideon the final blow that sends him back through the portal where he came from. He takes a few keys with him, and the gateway gets a little smaller. This makes Tyler realise that if they give up all of the keys, they could close it completely.


Nina and Kinsey finalize that it's the only thing to do, but Bode has one condition before he'll go along with the plan: he wants to use the Timeshift Key to say goodbye to his father, Rendell, while he's still alive. Nina, the Locke children, and the late patriarch travel back in time to a time when the late patriarch was alone in their old home. When they get there, Nina and the Locke children show up from the future to tell him all about their adventures with his magic. He tells them that the love of his family is much more important than any power they could give him, so he wants them to send the keys back and close the portal.

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Before the Timeshift Key sends them back to their own time, they say one last goodbye. They're sad that Rendell won't remember this surprise meeting, but they're all ready to move on to the next parts of their stories. Kinsey and Bode are "unlocked" with the help Memory Key when they get back home. This means they will remember their magical childhood even after they turn 18. All of the magical tools are then thrown into the portal one at a time. At the end, nothing is left to show that it ever happened.

A short jump forward in time, and we're getting ready to say goodbye to the characters we've grown to know over the past three seasons. Lucky for them, all of their futures look bright. Tyler is going back to Montana with his new girlfriend, Carly. Kinsey celebrates the release of her new amateur horror movie and shares a belated kiss with Scot Cavendish. Nina continues her relationship with Josh, which Bode supports more now that he has come to terms with his father's sudden death. Ellie goes back to teaching gym at Matheson Academy while Duncan moves away with his new husband, Brian.


Everything has gone really well. After helping Tyler pack his bags, Bode says to his siblings and mother that he hears "absolutely nothing," referring to how the magical keys would whisper to him when they were close. The family laughs and goes inside to start what is sure to be a much calmer life together.


Or is it? In the last few seconds, the music stops as the camera zooms in on the Keyhouse's front doors, and we hear that creepy whispering again, which makes us think there are still more keys knocking around somewhere on the property. Unfortunately, this is almost certainly the last season, so we can think of this as a fun way to end the show rather than a hint of something more to come. However, it might be nice to know that magic is still out there somewhere, just waiting to be found.

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