What you need to know about Hailee Steinfeld AKA Kate Bishop from Hawkeye


Hailee Steinfeld steps into the role of Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, bringing a beloved comic character into the MCU for the first time. Bishop first appeared in 2005’s Young Avengers, where she would become the third character to take on the identity of Hawkeye. Here is all that you need to know about Kate Bishop, before you watch her in action in the Disney+ Hawkeye series. 


1.Who is Kate Bishop ? 

Kate is a skilled archer who helps the Young Avengers take on Kang the Conqueror before fully joining the team, and is later given the Hawkeye mantle under orders of Captain America himself. Later on, following Clint Barton’s reappearance, the two Hawkeyes team up to take on street-level crime in brooklyn.

2. She is trained as a world-class archer and swordswoman

It takes a lot of skill, training, precision to be Hawkeye. Kate is a skilled archer, fluent in fencing, and can wail on any bad guy with battle staves. She continued developing her skills in martial arts, boxing, and hand-to-hand combat and has grown to be as skilled and proficient as the original Hawkeye


3.She's self-assured, stubborn, and (almost) always right

One of Kate's greatest qualities is her self-assurance. Kate cuts to the chase, saying exactly what she means and sparing a few feelings. Kate's gentler with people she cares about, but only to the point at which their behavior negatively affects her. 

4. She is skilled in disguises 

Multiple times in Fraction and Aja's "Hawkeye" run, Kate dons disguises to infiltrate villainous lairs and rescue Clint from trouble. Presumably, a mix of being unassuming and just the right height and body type lets her get away with the ruse so many times.


5. Kate is a founding member of the Young Avengers

Kate met the Young Avengers during a hostage situation at Kate's sister's wedding. Where Kate's quick thinking and fast moves saved them, and together they took down the bad guys. She later went on to co-lead the Young Avengers, splitting leadership duties with the equally stubborn Patriot.


6. She's got Hawkeye's bow (and his support)

On her first Young Avengers mission, Kate swiped items from the Avengers' weapons cache, including Hawkeye's bow. Later after Clint's resurrection, she lost the bow on a bet with him. But Kate is stubborn as hell, so she broke into the secret headquarters to steal the bow back showcasing guts and a strong fighting spirit. This gained her Clint’s trust and support and he let her keep the bow and the name.


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