Relationship Lessons  to Learn from Sex Life Series




Just like having food when you’re hungry, drinking water when you feel thirsty, sex is also an important part of our life meeting our emotional and physical desires at certian point of time. The Sex / Life web series proved that it is one of the most important aspect in an relationship. It aired on Netflix and became an instant hit. The show deals with various factors about relationship goals. That has made the show one of the most popular American TV shows. The show deals with certain facts related to your relationship goals in life. 


Find the right funnel to vent out your emotions 

It’s important to know where you should vent out your emotions and when you should do it. Cooper loves his wife, gives her a goodbye kiss before leaving for work. He’s also a responsible father kissing his child before leaving for work. Billie even after being in a relationship with her boyfriend chose Cooper as he’s a man who would never leave her and go away.  Sadly, both of them choose the wrong funnel to express your emotion for one another, often putting them in trouble. The lesson learnt from here is- in life you need to know the right medium to vent out your emotions while in a relationship with your partner.

Don’t be an open book for all 

It’s okay to share your feelings and your relationship with your boyfriend or your male/female partner/ wife or husband with those who’re in your closest private spaces. Unfortunately, both Billie and Cooper need to learn this. Their outspoken nature about their private spaces ended them up with trouble. Frankly, the world is full of hypocrites who just need an opportunity to break and wreck your family. The lesson learnt from here is- never disclose your every detail to a stranger. It may cause harm in your private life.


Talk and sort out communication gaps

The biggest mistake of Cooper and Billie is they never talk with one another to sort out their problems. They barely  talk with one another to sort out their problems. Rather they choose to stay  numb. While Billie wanted to go back for her PhD and Cooper never picked up non verbal  clues to initiate sex with his wife. However, he never thought of speaking about it with her even. The lesson learnt from here is- in life you must talk to solving communication gaps.


Try to distinguish sex/love and compassion

It’s not mandatory that two people who’re in love with one another has to make sex to feel they’re in love. At the same time, sex is an important part of your emotional attachment in life. By ignoring this, you’re never going to fulfill your emotional attachment with your partner. Now the lesson learnt from here is- in life you need to understand how you would combine these three things together. On yelling, showing anger issues to your partner, remaining numb will just worsen things. If needed consult a therapist and work on it to distinguish these three things so that they fit easily in their own places. 


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