Leadership Lessons From Thor


Odin's oldest son, the Father of everything, and King of Asgard, one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology. As the God of Thunder, he can control his power with his hammer. He is very strong. Everyone likes Thor because he is "The Strongest Avenger." From how funny he is to how strong he is, he is great. We can all learn from him and use what we've learned in our own lives. Let's look at these lessons from life.

Self-esteem is the key.

Thor is sure that he and Asgard have a lot of power. He thinks Asgard is strong and that the people there can do anything. In The Avengers, Thor says that the unity and strength of his kingdom show how loyal he is. Every leader must be loyal to the team, and he or she must believe in the team's abilities as much as the team does.

Be brave and face your problems.

"I try to run toward my problems, not away from them, because that's what heroes do," Thor says. This is a sign of a leader who is sure of themselves and will lead their team to greatness and happiness. In Ragnarok, Thor chooses to fight his powerful sister Hela, who is destroying Asgard. He knows that she is very dangerous and can hurt the people of Asgard. The hero could have just left Asgard and stayed in Sakar, where his life would have been meaningless but fun. But he knew he had to take the next step in the right direction.

Fix your mistakes

Thor realises he was wrong many times, like when he thought his father was talking to him in Thor: The Dark World, but it was really Loki. He finds out what Loki did in Ragnarok and makes him help him get his father back from Earth. Every leader should have the courage to make things right, even if it seems hard.

Be brave

It's not surprising that the God of Thunder is brave. Thor is brave on the outside and on the inside. Even though Thor gets drunk in Endgame, he still gets back into the game and fights Thanos. He had courage to go through the pain and make the sacrifices that were needed. Even though he has seen what Thanos did to his brother, he fights him in Infinity War.

Always do what's right.

Thor is also the kind of person who does the right thing, not just for himself but also for his people. In Endgame, it was moving how he made Valkyrie the ruler of Asgard. In the movies, we see him go from being a proud, careless, and self-centered prince to a selfless, responsible, and kind Avenger and King.

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