An Unsent Letter (3)

Kvndm Priyanka


After that Sachi too decided not to disturb rishi during his busy time

Rishi on the other side 
Forgot that it's weekend as he is busy gulping the pain of his broken relation and in trying to detach from his relation 
And thought that sachi's letter reached Kamal and so she would be busy with him and isn't in Contact for that reason 

After 3 days 
Rishi's door rangs 
And he is stunned with what man who rang the bell is holding
On seeing the special bag 
Rishi was surprised, shocked, bewildered 
He took the cover from the post man
But didn't took out the envelope out of the carry bag and
called arnav whether he mistakenly posted it to rishi 
As he still remember the letter 'L'

Arnav on hearing the rishi's question intentionally cut the call and declined when rishi called later!

So he thought that concerned arnav posted it to rishi so that Sachi's love won't be communicated to her love and rishi would get to a chance for his relation

He called Sachi and said I think the letter meant for Kamal came to my home by mistake and asked whether to bring to her or should give it to Kamal?

Sachi Asked did you took it out ?

Rishi said how would I see it , when I have promised

Rishi's action again won her heart due to his sincerity and generosity 
And said to take out the envelope and give to the person mentioned

Rishi took out the Envelope 
Which is mentioned 

(Address.. )

Rishi is astonished on looking at his name,
The 'L' he thought to be end letter of Kamal isn't correct 
It's the end of word Specia'L'

But he was still confused as she never showed any kind oh her interest in him and thought it would be a typo


Immediately he said to Sachi that
'You habitually wrote my name instead of Kamal's '

Sachi Confused whether to laugh or be furious
as he is unable to figure it out even now and Said
Oh, seriously? 
You are saying to whom I should write?
You are such a dumbass 
Till now you didn't understood
Now you can't accept 

Sachi's indirect scoldings slowly ignited rishi's mind and Rishi's happiness know no bounds 

Happy tears started from his eyes.. 

He was unable to speak 
yet said 'what , why did you play this much '
Sachi said at least I started the game inspite of roaming with samyuktha

All the pain all his feelings everything he faced is running before his eyes on fast forward mode 

He didn't utter a word and cancelled the call

Sachi Called again , but he didn't answer the call 
She tried again and he declined the call

Sachi didn't understand whether he like her or not , though his question mean he like her , his actions speaking other way

All this made her too tensed and raised many more chaos 
Whether he will accept or not ?
What if he declines , and what if he decides not even to be friend?

And at that moment she got ' Don't Worry ' message from rishi

She is much more confused as instead of proposing , accepting or rejecting her love why would he say so 
She self questioned ,
' Does that mean he don't love me & so he said don't worry, nothing will be wrong or what' ? 

And she called again and heard 'The number you are trying to reach is currently Switched off'

Sachi became numb with rishi's unwelcoming actions! 



Rishi avoided Sachi for a whole day intentionally

Rishi with unexpected success of his story is over excited and too happy & want to make the memory much more beautiful
And he want Sachi too, to get a everlasting memory for her success in her love 

The next day Evening

While Sachi is still trying to Contact rishi , inspite her every attempt being failed

The Door bell of sachi's house rang

When Sachi went to check, she found no one , except a letter 

She took it out and read 
And her emotion of happiness found way out through the eyes 

Rishi's call brought her out of the thoughts 

Rishi's love letter made her day
Sachi screamed she love him so much
& thanked him for expressing all his heartfilled emotions for her in that letter

Rishi asks her to come on to terrace 

( He kept the letter at the door, rings bell and runs to the terrace, where he with the help of sachi's brother decorated and planned beautiful surprise )

Sachi is astonished with his surprise and asks why didn't you said this when you see my letter ?

He says because ours is ' Not so routine love story ' 
And commented that more the excitement, the stronger the memory be

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