Lessons to learn from Alia Bhatt

Nikhil Mohit

There has been just no stopping Alia Bhatt, ever since she made her debut as Shanaya in ‘Student Of The Year’. By starring in a varied range of films, the 28-year-old has managed to carve a niche for herself in an otherwise fickle world of Bollywood. With each passing rom-com or coming of age drama, fans across the country only seem to be growing fonder of the star.

There is so much we can learn from this powerhouse of Talent and her journey in bollywood, so let’s have a look at some of the life lessons that we can learn form Alia Bhatt. 

Be Versatile

For an actress who is so young, doing fluffy romantic dramas could have been the best way forward but Alia didn't think so. After SOTY, she chose a Highway. Even in Dear Zindagi, despite having Shah Rukh Khan in every frame, her presence couldn't be dwarfed. But it doesn't mean she completely shifted to serious cinema. There was also films in the Dulhania series, which were entertainers.

Be A Risk taker

Playing an abused kid who gets kidnapped only to fall for her captor in Highway to being a raped woman in Udta Punjab with a history of drug abuse - Alia never cared about building an image. It's a risk for an actor so young to do such intense characters but she had no qualms. It teaches us a lessons that one has to take risks in order to make a mark for themselves. 

Age Is Just A Number

Alia may be just 28 but the way she conducts herself in public needs to be a lesson for women of all ages. She knows how to dress for the occasion, how to greet people, how to acknowledge her fans and also exude a lot of confidence.

Family First 

Alia loves her family. Shaheen is her rock, her mother her inspiration, her father her go-to person for advice while Pooja Bhatt is her BFF. She has often gone on family vacations with them. That's so rare in Bollywood! We call can learn from this to keep our family first and stay close and connected to those we love. 

Be the right kind of feminist 

Like every actress, Alia also advocates feminism but there is absolute clarity on what she is saying. She had said how feminism is not about man-bashing but gender equality. At her age, and coming for a privileged background, she understands the meaning of feminism better than a lot of people senior to her!

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