Lessons to learn from the netflix series You

Rohan Verma

Web series titled "You" is a psychological thriller that contains a hauntingly gorgeous lead character named Joe. The series is dark and intriguing. The Netflix series 'You' is enjoyable, but it also serves as a useful lesson in how not to behave in personal relationships and in everyday life.
Here are a few life lessons you will pick up from binge-watching You, whether you haven't seen any episodes yet or are still suffering from the frenetic finale:


Be cautious about revealing your location on public websites.

If there is one thing that I took away from my time with Joe, it is that you do not require high-end technology to research a person's place of residence in addition to their acquaintances and family members. You only need to browse through the items they post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and the locations they check in to to gather this information.

Maintain your relationships with your family and friends outside of the realm of social media.

Because of the prevalence of social media in today's world, we frequently fail to keep a genuine check on how our loved ones are doing. Because one-on-one contacts are no longer necessary due to the prevalence of social media, "You" demonstrates how our friends and family may not even notice if someone has vanished off the face of the planet because a psychopath is tweeting and tagging geolocations on their behalf.


3. Adjust the privacy settings on your various social media accounts.

Do you really want Joe Public, or in this case Joe Goldberg, to be able to know everything you think and do while you're awake? It may be worthwhile to restrict access to what you post on occasion, even if only to make it that much more difficult for an outsider to discover where you live, work, and hang out.

4. Pay attention to what your other friends have to say about the person you're going out with.

Your pals are looking out for your best interests. If they actively despise the person you are dating, you should give serious consideration to the possibility that they are on to something significant that you are failing to recognise.

5.Rely completely on your hunches and gut feelings.

Pay attention to what your gut tells you. If you have unfavourable feelings toward another individual, you should eliminate that person from your life. Your natural inclination should be sufficient justification for that action on your part, therefore there's no need to offer one.


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