Vows taken before marriage

Yagnesh Parmar

Once there was an occasion of marriage somewhere. At the center of the place bride & groom are seated together. Suddenly they heard fighting some couples ,for not giving importance to each other. They decide that they will Never do such things, They take some vowes : Bride said to groom It may difficult for me, To adjust you with my family, But I never compromise with your self respect, dignity, honor I'll always stand with you whatever circumstances come, I'll always remember what you are doing is not your duty but your love for me, I'll never treat you like a maid and expect to do my all work but take you as a important part of my life , I'll believe you whether anyone trust on you or not, I'll be always with you, In reply to groom bride said, I also always trust on you, Never make you feel lonely, I'll try to understand my best to understand your family and you, Never disrespect your mom,dad, sister, Always try to have a good bond with your family . Writtten by, -Yagnesh Parmar

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