Lessons to learn from Eleven of Stranger Things


Fans of Stranger Things know that it’s hard to pick just one aspect of the series as a favorite. But something that most fans of the Netflix sci-fi series can agree upon is that Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, is a pretty badass superhero. Eleven goes from a scared little girl scarfing fries in the diner to outright heroin, all within eight episodes. There is so much to learn from her journey to discover friendship, romance, and a sense of self. So we are here today to look at some of the life lessons we all can learn from Eleven, the brave and most loved character from Stranger things 

1. Cherish your crazy friends

In season one, Dustin has a charming moment where he references Eleven as their “crazy friend” and in episode 8 of season 2, we realize just how much that “crazy friend” is needed. Those are the friends who will go the distance, fearless of consequences, and when you have a gang of monsters trying to kill you, that crazy friend may be the only one with the guts to save everyone’s lives.

2. It’s very important to manage your anger 

It took Eleven two seasons to learn that anger can keep you stuck in a prison of your making. In life, anger is an emotion that can be harnessed for good AND bad. It’s OK to feel angry from time to time. Eleven demonstrates how anger can be channeled and used as a force for good. But let’s not be fooled; when Eleven meets Eight, we also witness how anger is a destructive force that causes no small amount of harm to others.

3. Embrace your differences 

Eleven is quirky, has superpowers, and — dropped from an obscure research facility straight into small-town America. She is the definition of a misfit. So are Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin, who were nerdy outsiders long before that became cool. Seeing things differently is the glue that ultimately bands them together and helps them change their world. Being different from others is not weird or odd, it’s cool, and it’s what defines you. Embrace it.

4. You can fight off some weird stuff with a team

Teamwork is one of the major themes in the show – and this isn’t just limited to Mike, Lucas, and Dustin working with their new friend Eleven. All the separate groups had to work together to save the day at the end of season one, including Joyce and Hopper, and then Nancy, Steve, and Will. To fight off the Upside Down and stay alive, they all had to come together.

5. Ture friends don’t lie

This is one of the first relationship rules Eleven learned. As happens when you can’t keep a promise, if you lie to a friend…the relationship will most likely change. Trust is a treasure, don’t take it for granted. Don’t lie and before you try to think of an excuse to do it think about something. Be a good friend.

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