Lessons to Learn from Westworld


The popular HBO series “Westworld” pushes us to refine our distinctions between artificial intelligence and human consciousness. Westworld tells the story of a futuristic amusement park created under the theme of the 1800s United States. Aside from what several would think, Westworld isn’t necessarily defined by the Western thrills of guns, saloons, and human-like robots. There are many life lessons hidden in the thrilling layers of this widely loved show. So today, we’re here with some of the life lessons that Westworld teaches us. 

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1. We all have a narrative

On the Show,  Narrative is what they program into each AI Robot.  Basically, what is their occupation, personality, and what do they do every day?  It is just their current story of what they do day in and day out. Are you finding yourself stuck doing the same job? Want change?  Well, change your narrative.  Let it be something of who you are.

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2. We all live in a loop

Every day we wake up at the same time.  Eat the same breakfast or not, then drive to work.  Get home from work, fix dinner, watch TV, and go to bed.  Wash, Rinse, and Repeat Sound familiar?  Many of us settle into the same routines in life.  I know it can be comforting for many of us, but every now and then this can be shaken up, whether by choice or not.

3. Information is a valuable weapon 

Martin Connells, a new character to the series, really sums up the direction that season 3 takes when he says "The Right Information At The Right Time Is Deadlier Than Any Weapon." The show's theme presented that any information could be extremely dangerous in the right hands. It's what many of the corporate entities in the show fought over for so many years, with the information from the Westworld parks being of financial significance as well as becoming a valuable weapon.

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4. Nothing is black or white when it comes to survival

Dolores and Maeve have in some ways been the protagonists of the show and yet the polar opposites. It's extremely unclear who the audience is supposed to root for. With so many moving players and different motivations, it was difficult to know who was the hero and who was the villain. But that's just the point. No one in this story is a hero or villain. They are just survivors making choices that will hopefully help them last another day.

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5. You can choose to find beauty, no matter what the situation is

Dolores has always spoken about the beauty within the world, but that has often come into conflict with what the character actually experiences. The finale of the show demonstrated that this was the fundamental driving force of the character. In her final moments, Dolores only saw the beauty of her life and in humanity. She was always trying to preserve that and save humans, rather than grasping for revenge.


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