The vagabonds of the edges.

Naiela Omer

Poverty is something, which is a granted inheritance from the above generations. People are sometimes born into this, they are sometimes brought into this, and sometimes there are circumstances which gifts them poverty. Poverty is a glue of attention. Poverty is a bunch of vagabonds who are always kepy on the edges of the society. Nothing is easy for the poors, nothing is safe for them too. The administration of our country is very wide, the rules are said to be applicable to all the sections of the society. In this comes a big 'but', about how the laws are relatively slow for the rich and really fast for the poor. By the laws, one means the action. A poor is arrested really swiftly and the high standards are enjoying yhe laws on their own terms. These vagabonds are the pillars of our society. The downtrodden and the left ones are in need to be respected and viewed differently for once.

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