Hellbound Explained - The show that broke Squid Games Record



Hellbound has followed Squid Game as the latest K-drama to take Netflix by storm.

The show topped the ratings in 84 countries within 24 hours of its premiere on 19 November.

We don’t know about you but this show has become our new favourite. Here’s all that you need to know about the enthralling series, and it’s cliffhanger ending. Watch out, there’s spoilers ahead!


What is the show about 


Hellbound presents one of the darkest dystopian futures we’ve seen for some time, depicting a world in which demonic, massive grey monsters appear at any moment to kill specific people, sending them to the depths of hell for their sins.


The New Truth 

Rising up amid the chaos is a sinister cult called The New Truth,  a rising cult that preaches a warped Christian doctrine, which claims to have all the answers about living a pious life and avoiding an eternity of suffering and has thus developed a fanatic base of followers.


The vicious sects 

There are dangerous sects who viciously attack anyone they deem to be sinful in the name of God, creating a society where most are constantly living in fear – from the demons and from their fellow citizens.


The Detectives 

Meanwhile, Detective Jin Gyeong-hin (played by Yang Ik-june) is investigating the cult, suspicious of their actions. Along with Private Investigator Min Hye-jin (Kim Hyun-joo), he works to figure out what is going on, why the demons are appearing, and what exactly The New Truth is up to.


The sequences 

Throughout the episodes that follow, savage demon murders occur more rapidly, with the public slowly falling on the side of The New Truth out of fear.

It is a clear race against time, not only to solve the case but to potentially save the world from falling into the demonic abyss.

The surprising supernatural ending


Hellbound ended in a cliffhanger, leaving many viewers puzzled with unanswered questions as to the origin of the demons and the resurrection of Park. In the sixth and final episode, The New truth is racing to stop the public from finding out that Song So-hyun (Won Jin-ah) and Bae Young-jae’s (Park Jung-min) newborn baby has been bound to Hell. 

Bae cannot accept his newborn’s fate and seeks the help of a sociology professor named Gong Hyung-joon, who then leads Bae to an exiled lawyer, Min Hye-jin, who is also a major New Truth sceptic. She then advises Bae to broadcast the banishment of their baby to the world, as it would prove that The New Truth is not an authentic organisation because a newborn baby could not possibly have sins to be condemned for.

The New Truth tries to stop the broadcast but they fail. Despite the news reaching the public, So-hyun and Young-jae die in the baby’s place, leaving newborn Toughie alone. That is until Hye-jin escapes with the baby, protecting the child from The New Truth. 

However, the biggest reveal of the finale is when Park Jeong-ja’s dramatic resurrection after being killed by the demons. 


Unanswered questions 

This surprising finale twist adds to a string of unanswered questions, like: Can people actually survive their decree? Who is ordering people’s condemnation to hell in the first place? What is the real motivation behind The New Order? Where did Min and the newborn drive off to? And how and why was Park Jeong-ja resurrected from hell? Fingers crossed we find out in Helbound Season 2.




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