Things No Guy Should Do In Bed- According To Women


When it comes to the bed, we always have high expectations. However, when it comes to the actual action, restrain your thinking. 

Be sensible and keep things in perspective.

Here are some considerations to make as you get down on the bed and dirty.

Don't ever hurt her

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Your hands must be properly cut and thoroughly cleaned if they are going down there. 

Please, guys, don't dismiss it because it might be huge turnoff.

Don't rush anything.

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Setting the mood by moving slowly and engaging in lots of foreplay is beneficial to both parties. 

Do not act like Tom, Dick, or Hurry!
Be effective in your work to avoid asking questions.

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Do not make the error of requesting "Have you cum?" 

The process won't be accelerated; on the contrary, it will be slowed down.

Don't worry, it's not like drilling.

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The delicate nature of the place should be kept in mind by all the guys. 

Therefore, you must manage things carefully. 

Rub randomly; the technique is more important. 

Find out what your girl enjoys by moving slowly.

If you want to get blown, make her moan

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It's wrong on so many levels to anticipate that the girl will reject you while trembling at the thought of repaying the favour. 

Take your time while you're at it and suck it up (she sure did!).

Avoid Anal if not prepared.

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You should think about it if you don't know anything about it. Anal usually require some planning. Particularly if you two have never discussed it before, it cannot happen in the heat of the moment.

Prevention is preferable to cure

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Without a doubt, you'll feel fantastic. However, ask yourself if the danger is worthwhile.

Expecting to be hairless while having a lot of hair there is unrealistic.

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Expecting your female to be entirely and flawlessly hairless is unrealistic. Certainly not if you are unable to shave your private areas.

Don't press her if she declines.

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Every guy should be aware that pressuring a woman into this is not fun at all. You should be aware that "No" really means "No!"

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